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  • Tampa Managed IT Services including: Managed Backup Services, Managed Co-location Backup, Managed Cloud Hosting, Managed Off-site Backup for Managed Disaster Recovery Planning.

    tampa managed services managed security managed pen testing about image If a disaster happens & you don't have a plan to restore your services it could cost you your business. 90% of Businesses without a plan end when a major disaster hits like a virus that encrypts all of your data or a server failure that makes your data unrecoverable. Poor setup will lead to failure & we see businesses setup improperly every day. Without a plan in place that poor setup could ensure that you do not get your business up & running in-time to save your business as every minute of being down costs you far more than proper tech support ever will.

    tampa managed services managed security vendor management about imageCreating your Disaster Recovery plan will do a few things, the first being it will go through a comprehensive checklist of what you have setup & see if its setup properly. Many businesses have us come do a disaster recovery plan to ensure their internal staff or other Managed Services provider is properly managing your IT needs. Second the plan will collect all your IT & Support information into a single location so that it can be easily accessed should a disaster strike. Finally it will also show who will need to do what in a disaster scenario to restore you as quickly as possible. This is especially important in governmental, large or enterprise businesses in case the media needs to be informed or a lawyer needs to be contacted etc.
    tampa managed services managed security managed compliance about image Managed Disaster Recovery planning & Compliance Management Managed IT Services go hand in hand as many compliance standards require a Managed Disaster Recovery plan to be in place to ensure that the business is restored to functionality in the least amount of time. Many vendors or clients also require that you have a Disaster recovery plan in place for the same reason as they want to ensure that if disaster happens that you are prepared to restore your IT Functionality as quickly as possible. Computer Doctors can handle any Managed Compliance need including Managed PCI compliance, Managed Hipaa Compliance, Managed CUI Compliance, Managed Sans Compliance, Managed FISMA Compliance & many more Managed NIST Compliance Categories. Learn more about our Compliance offers by clicking here
    tampa managed services managed security managed network pen testing about image Managed Network & Managed Server redundancy is very important part of every disaster recovery plan. Having a second system setup & syncing with the first ensures the least amount of downtime when a disaster strikes. Whether your servers are on-site, co-located or cloud hosted or any combination of a hybrid solution does not mean they are guaranteed as even large cloud hosting providers have hacks & failures often which are even more disastrous. An ounce of prevention is worth 100lbs of cure.
    tampa managed services managed security managed IDS Managed Intrustion Detection Systems about image Penetration Testing, Managed IT Security Monitoring Managed Services go hand in hand with Managed Disaster Recovery as your disaster recovery plan should be constantly changing & evolving to meet new IT Security threats. Monitoring against problematic attacks allows you to see vulnerabilities in your Managed Disaster Recovery plan & update to meet those challenges.

    tampa managed services managed security managed Government Compliance about image Government Compliance & Managed Disaster Recovery Services ensure that you are meeting all local laws & requirements in your business & in your recovery. This is especially important for businesses that work with the government or provide a public service that people depend on.

    Managed IT Services for all kinds of businesses & industries

  • Tampa it managed services managed email services Managed Email, Whether you need your email synced across multiple devices, Encrypted Email or simply having your emails setup and maintained, this is often the most critical part of a business that needs to work correctly. Additional Managed Email Services include a Calendar, Exchange, AD Sync, Online file Backup, File Share, Virtual Meetings etc.

  • Tampa it managed services managed tech support, it support Managed Tech Support, No business is without its Tech Support needs. Whether you need virus removal or you just need IT help from time to time Trust in the Tampa Computer Doctors IT Managed Service Experts to handle all your desktop, laptop, network server etc tech support. This service is also known as Managed Help Desk,

  • Tampa it managed services managed tech support, security IT Managed Security, Every business is faced with protecting its information from viruses, hackers & more. From protecting email, network, encryption & more trust the Computer Doctors to handle it all.

  • Tampa it managed services managed backup solutions, cloud backup Managed Backup Solutions, Local, Cloud, or Hybrid, it is not a matter of if you will need your backups but when. Even perfectly maintained environments will need a backup at some point.

  • Tampa it managed services manged cloud solutions Managed Cloud Solutions, cloud based servers, cloud computing, hybrid cloud, cloud SAAS & more Tampa Computer Doctors can handle IT all.

  • Tampa it managed services manged network solutions Managed Network Solutions, without proper networking nothing can work correctly, from secure wireless, & Encrypted networking to VPN's & More, Computer Doctors are networking experts

  • Tampa it managed services manged disaster recovery planning & solutions Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions, When the worst happens making sure you have plan to get you back up & running sooner than later is very important & can mean the difference of closing your doors or recovering even stronger

  • Tampa it managed services manged printer solutions Managed Printer Solutions, Printer repair, managed printers, Printer sales & more, Trust the Computer Doctors to handle all your managed print related needs.

  • Tampa it managed services managed web development Managed Web Development, Whether you need a simple website, an app or something more complex like a CRM, Ecommerce site or database site trust the IT Managed Services Experts to get it done.

  • Tampa it managed services managed seo development Managed SEO Development, or Search Engine Optimization or SEM Search Engine Management, We get you to the top of Google.

  • Tampa it managed services managed cio services Managed CIO services, or Managed Chief Information Officer is help get your 2-5 year IT plan setup & exacted. This allows for someone to focus on making your business better through technology & getting the right vendors setup. Proper technology choices can lower cost, improve reliability, expanding your business with a plan will help elminate wasted money spent on incorrect solutions.

  • Tampa it managed services managed tech support, managed computer repair services, managed apple repair, managed mac repair TCDMISE provide Tampa Computer Repair, Managed Tech Support, Managed Help Desk & all Managed IT Services for All operating systems including Mac, Apple, Linux & more.

  • Tampa it managed services managed compliance, Managed security, managed Hipaa compliance, managed cui compliance, managed sans compliance, managed pci compliance Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services experts provide all forms of Managed IT Compliance Services. Whether you need Managed CUI Compliance, Managed Hipaa Compliance, Managed PCI Compliance & more.
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