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  • What is Managed CIO Services?

    IT Consulting, CIO, IT Managed CIO Consultant:

    CIO Consulting is all about providing you the services of a CIO while saving you money & providing you with extensive experience from providing IT support & Consulting to thousands of businesses. So why does a business need a CIO? A CIO or Chief Information Officer is responsible for advising the CEO or owner on technology. For example, you need to update your IT aspect of your business to meet compliance standards. Regardless of whether you help with PCI Compliance, SOX Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, GLBA Compliance, ISO 27001 Compliance, FISMA Compliance, NIST Compliance or any other Compliance, a TCD Managed IT Services Experts CIO can help you create & implement the most efficient lowest cost way to setup & maintain & monitor your compliance needs. As a miss step in compliance can cost a company in fines, incorrect purchases or inefficient methodologies or simply taking the longer more expensive route that can only be prevent with experience. Another Example is going to be upgrading software & will need new equipment to run it. While the software company can tell you what the software needs a CIO will take into consideration all of your IT needs & advise you accordingly. TCD Managed IT Service Experts advise thousands of businesses and have decades of experience providing the proper solutions for your needs. Without the advice of an IT Managed Services CIO a company may purchase the wrong or inadequate solution & the solution to fix is often so expensive we have seen it bankrupt companies trying to compensate. CIO's task is to save you money, make sure you have the right solutions at the best prices & to make sure that all possible IT needs are met. Trust your companies prosperous future to the consulting experts at TCD Managed IT Service Experts.

    Another good example is, your business is looking to expand & you need a piece of software to help manage everything. From past experience you know that all software companies will promise you that their software can not only run your company for you but can make you breakfast in bed as well. Then, after you purchase and something doesn't work you need to upgrade to their premium software package or all to often people realize too late that the marketing team tends to stretch the truth or make it sound like it does one thing but in reality it has very basic functionality.

    A CIO consultant will save you time & money by providing IT Consulting on...

  • the correct IT Technology, Service, SAAS or Software
  • when to repair an IT system or replace it.
  • which software will work best for ALL your IT needs.
  • what level of IT Security you need.
  • the best way to respond when you get hacked.
  • what type of compliance you should have: PCI, HIPAA, SANS etc
  • ensuring your disaster recovery plan is thorough, maintained & affordable
  • making sure your Backup solution is correct, maintained & reliable
  • NOT all Managed IT Support Techs are CIO s

    A Tech vs a CIO

    While a tech is going to be focused on what is in front of him like fixing what ever the immediate problem is a IT Managed Services CIO is thinking long term. What is the best way to help my client long term? A IT Managed Services CIO will need to have meetings with the owner & managers, be able to read & understand financial projections, growth charts, needs analysis & much more. Some Managed IT Service providers believe that a 5 minute phone call is all the CIO a company needs. And while yes some solutions may be simple the big decisions should be analyzed & decided over time with all factors & information being considered so that the CIO can advise the decision makers & provide them the best possible advice with the information at the time. When the advice from the IT Managed Services CIO can literally make or break a company trust the experts at Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Service Experts to provide you the best in IT Managed Services CIO.

    For example, you call a Computer Repair Company & they send someone out, you then ask them their advice on what software you should buy. The tech may or may not know about your company or its needs or have extensive experience with that type of software & will probably advise you to buy the software he knows instead of the best software for the job. Or will advise you to buy the software that he sells. A IT Managed CIO however will analyze what you need, will look beyond the software's "marketing" and look at the functionality or draw on decades of experience to provide you the correct solution.

    Small to medium businesses often follow "readily available" advice because they want to save money, some think it will be too expensive to higher someone who specializes in what they need or rely on their own judgment. However, the experts at TCD Managed IT Service Experts have been providing IT Services for businesses for decades & are small - Medium business experts & can provide you expert IT solutions at an affordable price. And while yes you may have excellent judgment or the "readily" available advice may sound good, the TCD Managed IT Service Experts provide IT service & solutions all day every day & are focused on providing you the best possible Managed IT Services experience while providing the best in Managed Security Services, Managed Compliance Services, Managed CIO Services etc in the business.

    Tampa Managed IT Services Experts

    Tampa it managed services managed proactive it msp Tampa Computer Doctors CIO Consulting Services provide the best in Managed Services. TCD Managed IT Service Experts will ensure that all your devices are maintained in accordance to the plan put together with the Managed CIO to provide reliability, security & more for your network.

    Tampa it managed services managed tech support, managed security, pci compliance, it security mspTampa Computer Doctors CIO Consulting Services will provide a plan to Encrypt, Secure & Protect your network & devices from Hackers, Viruses & more. Security is foremost in all Compliance needs.

    Tampa it managed services managed seo developmentTampa Computer Doctors CIO Consulting & Managed Services monitor your devices to ensure that they fully updated, Secure, Virus free, & even monitored to help predict hardware failure.

    Tampa it managed services managed pci compliance hipaa complianceTCD Managed IT Services Experts will provide Managed Email through your preferred provider including Gmail, Office 365, PHP Mail & more. Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Service Experts will ensure that your email is secure, encrypted if necessary, reliable & well maintained.

    Tampa it managed services managed tech support, it support, help desk TCD Managed It Services Experts provide the best in Managed Tech Support, Managed IT Support, Managed Support Services & more. Whatever your IT needs Tampa Computer Doctors has a Doctor for IT.

    Tampa it managed services managed backup solutions, cloud backupTampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts will advise, supply, setup & maintain a secure & stable network for you that will follow all compliance needs.

    Tampa it managed services manged cloud solutions managed saasTampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts provide the best in Managed Backup Services. Ensuring your backups are setup properly, securely & so they are table is the utmost priority of any business as all devices will fail it is just a matter of when.

    Tampa it managed services manged network solutions Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts are experts with Managed Local IT Services, Managed Cloud Services & Managed Hybrid Setups which is a mix of local & Managed Cloud. Trust in the Managed Services experts to guide you.

    Tampa it managed services manged disaster recovery planning & solutionsTampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts have often see that most businesses fail to properly protect & secure their wireless networks leaving them vulnerable to hackers, Viruses & more.

    Tampa it managed services manged printer solutions Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts provide Managed Printer solutions, Along with maintaining printers & providing Printer repair. TCD Managed Printer Services provides services for MFP Printers, Wide Format Printers, USB, Network Printers & much more.

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