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  • Why IT Managed Services? Proactive IT vs Reactive IT

    Why TCD's IT Managed Services is better:

  • Proactive fixes the problem before it breaks by monitoring, Reactive waits until its breaks. Reactive costs the customer more money in downtime.
  • Fixed Monthly Costs keeps you on budget & saves you money.
  • Your system is monitored 24/7/365 so the tech is usually aware of the problem and can usually fix it before it breaks or is aware of the problem before coming out & can bring all the necessary parts & equipment
  • Built in Ticketing Portal allows you to see all tickets & helps keep you informed of the progress the tech is making
  • 99% Repairs Resolved Remotely, except for hardware failure most repairs are done remotely which is much faster than waiting for an on site.
  • Emergency ON-Site Repairs as needed on sites are included in most Managed Services Plans to handle on site issues when they come up.
  • Dedicated Account Manager or Virtual CIO is there to help advise you on all things IT & make sure your repairs are done properly & on time.
  • Team of Technicians familiar with your setup so if your main technician is not available another techs can easily fill in for him.
  • 24/7 365 Security & Threat Monitoring
  • Maintenance does not disrupt day to day
  • Multiple techs are familiar with your system & instant remote access is available
  • We Maintain all software & passwords before anything goes down to lessen downtime if any
  • Monitoring & reports let us know what the problem is even if the crash is unexpected
  • Since we have a general idea what the problem is all parts can be brought
  • Most Managed Devices we prevent 99% of unexpected downtime
  • IT Managed Services lower Hidden costs as systems are constantly maintained & running as fast as they can
  • Managed IT Services is always looking for viruses and keeping your security updated
  • Managed IT Services has a dedicated team to help solve issues as no one person can know everything
  • It Managed Services can work with an existing IT Employee to lessen the repetitive tasks.
  • IT Managed Services & Productive Managed Services vs Break & Fix

    Flaws of Break & Fix:

  • More downtime waiting or a tech to be available
  • The tech may or not be familiar with the systems
  • Have to look for software & passwords
  • Time for the tech to figure out the problem
  • More downtime if the tech does not have all the parts necessary
  • The employee cannot work due to the computer being down.
  • The Hidden costs are much higher IE employee not being able to work or works slower
  • Break & fix can not see problems when they are not at your office.
  • Break & fix tech are often limited to their knowledge as they don't work in teams.

  • Progressive Managed Services Vs In house IT

  • In house IT is often overworked or pulled in too many directions
  • Limited experience from working only on the systems a single company has.
  • The cost of an in house IT is usually double the cost of a Managed IT Services Team.

  • More IT Managed Services information

    Tampa it managed services managed proactive it msp Multiple studies have shown that people are more likely to get distracted if their computer is running slow. So while waiting for their work to open they are 10x more likely to go look at a social media site or talk to a co-worker. So not only does IT Managed Services save you money when you have computer problems it helps improve performance, productivity & save you money every day.

    Tampa it managed services managed tech support, managed security, pci compliance, it security mspIn an ever changing digital world a new breed of criminals have arrived that now steal your money from the comfort of their homes. These thieves target your bank account, identity & credit cards and they love targeting specific businesses with little or no security. IT Managed Services dramatically improves the security of your network as it is either being monitored 24/7 or being worked on by an IT professional. IT Managed Services also keep your system fully patched & maintained at all times.

    Tampa it managed services managed seo developmentThe other choice is between an IT Managed Services team or hiring a full time Technician. IT Managed Services is usually less expensive, is not limited by a single persons knowledge & gets a far more diverse knowledge base as they work on multiple systems every day so IT Managed services techs stay on top of what the best systems are instead of relying on what marketing says the best systems are. Also working on the same systems every day tends to lead to complacency which in general tends to lead to lax IT Security & opens the doors for hackers.

    Tampa it managed services managed pci compliance hipaa compliance Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts do much more than just RMM or Remote Monitoring & Management, TCD also provides PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, Managed Security, Managed Networking, Network & Server Design, Implementation & Development & much more.

    Tampa it managed services managed tech support, it support, help desk Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services is all about providing the best possible Proactive IT tech support to fix problems before they affect the end users. However even the best proactive IT Support still needs Help Desk or Tech Support for client questions or non predictable Tech Support needs.

    Tampa it managed services managed backup solutions, cloud backup One of the most important IT needs of any business is making sure everything is backed up as drives can fail at any time. The problem with using break & fix is they do not come until after something isn't working meaning they cannot monitor & maintain your backups properly. Tampa Computer Doctors IT Managed Services keeps your backups monitored & maintained whether you keep your backups local or on the cloud also know as BAAS or Backup as a Service, Managed Backup Services,

    Tampa it managed services manged cloud solutions managed saas TCD Managed IT Service Experts in both local, cloud or hybrid environments. We can convert, build or maintain your IT in a AAS or As A Service environment or backup to the cloud, sync to the cloud & many more options. For all your IT Managed Cloud Solutions needs is the TCD Managed IT Service Experts.

    Tampa it managed services manged network solutions Whether you need your network design built or maintained the Managed IT Service Experts have worked with all forms of networks & networking device management. From Cisco, Sonicwall, Watchguard & more TCD Managed IT Service Experts can monitor, maintain, penetration test or pen test & more to ensure your network reliability & security far above & beyond what can be done with break & fix.

    Tampa it managed services manged disaster recovery planning & solutions Managed Services can also build setup or maintain encryption for your drives, disks or usb drives. Securing & encrypting your devices is important for security, compliance, anti-theft & much more. However it is not recommended to use encryption with a break & fix plan as if he device is not properly monitored and/or backed up you may lose information forever. Trust the Managed Services Experts with all your Encryption & Security needs.

    Tampa it managed services manged printer solutions Managed Printer Services can keep your printer, cleaned, maintained & networked at a flat monthly rate or a flat per print rate. Managed Services can all build design & maintain a Printer Network so that you can always scan or print to /from the device you want when you want. With Managed It Services we can provide remote fixes for most network printer issues.

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